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Ashmans Publications Privacy Policy and Terms

Ashmans Publications takes the security of your personal information seriously.   Any information you provide is used to process your order and is not shared with anyone else.

PayPal is used for online payments so we are not in direct contact with any of your account information.  When an order is placed we ask PayPal to send a Money Request. When you have paid we are informed and we post your book.  You will receive an email to say the book has been posted.  All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

Books are packed carefully.  Should one arrive damaged please keep the packaging and contact us immediately to arrange for return.

The content of this website is for your general information and is subject to change without notice.  The website may contain links to other websites.  This is for your information and convenience and we have no responsibility for any linked website or any issues arising from connection with these sites.

Ashmans Publications takes no responsibility for any issues arising out of  using the book A Dyer’s Manual.  Dyers are reminded that it was first published in 1982.  The Second edition contains additional health and safety advice and dyers should make themselves aware of modern practices.